Transformer Botz


Transformer Robotics is a new approach to the Human Machine Interface. It is a collaborative approach of arduino hardware and software including mechanical movement of a robot. Let's break the conventional way of workshops and let's dig into something one has never thought of.

Transformer Robotics is based on Klann mechanism. Klann mechanism is such a vast idea to give a linear movement from rotational actuators, used in railway engines. In Transformer Robotics we are going to use 8 legged robot each using a klann mechanism.

The course content which will be followed for the workshop is as mentioned below:

Introduction to Robotics And Embedded Systems

Introduction to Arduino

Programming And Basic Interfacing

Klann Mechanism

Power Supplies

KIT CONTENT OF Transformer Botz

ARDUINO circuit board

Robot Base Chassis

DURATION: 2 Days- 8 hrs on each day.

A competition will be conducted at the end of workshop and winner will be appreciated with exciting prizes.

Workshop Dates :17th & 18th August, 2013
Cost : Rs 1000/- per participant

for any queries, please contact :
Sunil Kumar: +91-9666389072
Sukruth: 8801732125